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foolish tortoise story in english

A Foolish Tortoise

This is the Foolish Tortoise Story In English for kids. Once upon a time, there lived a tortoise in a tank. He had his friendship with two swans. All the three lived together till evening everyday. They told and heard stories and enjoyed themselves. At

the lion and the frog

The Lion And The Frog

This is the lion and the frog story for kids. Once upon a time, there lived a lion in the jungle. He was the King of the jungle. He had a strong and powerful voice and he roared to amuse himself and scare others. All

the fox and the goat story

The Fox And The Goat Story

This is one of the best Panchatantra stories to read for kids, “The Fox And The Goat Story“. On a long sunny day, there was a fox walking in a desert. Hungry and thirsty, all that he could see was miles of sand and barren

elephant and tailor story

Elephant and Tailor Story

This is the famous Elephant and Tailor Story for kids. There was a big temple in a small town. The temple had an elephant. The elephant and its mahout lived in the temple campus. Mahout used to take good care of the elephant. “Come on,

moral stories for kids

Elephant and Ant Story

This is the famous Elephant and Ant Story for kids. Once upon a time, there was a thick, green forest. In this forest, there lived many wild animals. In this jungle, there lived a gigantic elephant who used to get angry on small issues and

olive the other reindeer

Olive The Other Reindeer

This is the famous Olive the other reindeer story for kids. Every day, Olive took her daily dog walk, winter, spring summer or fall. Today was a winter’s day. It was the holidays. There was music playing outdoors. People were singing along, “All of the

short christmas stories for kids

The Little Lame Donkey

This is one of the best short Christmas stories for kids. The light of the full moon lit the whole meadow brightly. The meadow was covered with snow, and there stood a lame little donkey all alone in the cold night. Also, read When Santa

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Harry- The Happy Snowman

This is one of the best snowman stories to read for kids. Five days before Christmas Eve, Santa was working out in his gym, practicing his technique of dropping down through chimneys without getting stuck. Santa has quite a possibility of that. Suddenly, one of

where the wild things are

Where The Wild Things Are Story

This is one of the most famous stories for kids to read online. It has been adapted from the original work of Maurice Sendak named, “Where The Wild Things Are“. The night Max wore his wolf suit and made mischief of one kind and another.

bedtime story for kids

The Leap Frog

This is one of the best bedtime story for kids to read online. Once upon a time, the whole world was invited to a festive competition. It was the jumping contest set up by the King. Of course, not everyone in the world was able