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The Greedy Mouse

This is one of the best short story with moral for kids. Once there was a mouse, who used to stay in the jungle. The jungle was near the village. One day, the greedy mouse was roaming here and there. Suddenly, the greedy mouse saw

Story Of The Twelve Dancing Princesses

This is an amazing short story of the twelve dancing princesses. Once there was a king who had twelve daughters. They all were very beautiful. All the princesses slept in a large room. In the evening, the king would lock them inside. The king of

prince and pauper

Prince And Pauper

This is one of the best short fairy tales for kids that of, “Prince And Pauper“. Once upon a time, a son was born to a king and queen. He was called Edward, and everyone in the palace rejoiced and blessed the infant prince. That same

The Ora Woman In The Woods

This is one of the most famous grimm fairy tales for kids. Bethany, the little maid, once went on a long journey with her Master’s family. During the journey, they had to cut through a dense forest and it was here, that Bethany got separated from the

The Red Shoes

This is one of the best fairy tales for kids that of, “The Red Shoes“. Once upon a time, a pretty girl lived in a land not far away, she had one pair of shoes, made out of wood, boringly plain and gray. They hurt

The Monkeys And The Bell

This is one of the best short story about animals for kids. Once upon a time, there lived a robber in the village. One day, he went to the temple. He looted all the gold ornaments of the deity and a silver bell from the

fairy tail short story

The Cursed Princess

This is an amazing fairy tail short story for kids. Tookius’s father was very ill. One day, he called his son to his bedside and said, “My son, I am growing weaker every day. Therefore, I think it is about time that I give you this and


Once upon a time, there was a very rich man who lived in a  very beautiful mansion. He had such a bright blue beard that all who knew him called him Bluebeard. Probably because of his uncommon beard, this man was so very popular that