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Treasure Island

This is a short story of Treasure Island. Long ago, there lived a smart young lad named Jim Hawkins whose parents owned the Admiral Benbow Inn beside the sea. One day, a sailor named Billy Bones came to stay in their Inn. He was tall,


Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Heidi. Due to the loss of her parents, her aunt was taking care of her. But one day, she took Heidi to her grandfather’s little hut in the mountains. Grandfather Alm was a grumpy old

Wild Swans

This is one of the most amazing fairy tales to read for kids, “Wild Swans“. Once upon a time, there lived eleven brothers and one sister. There were eleven Princes and one Princess was named Eliza. In the same castle, an evil queen lived along with

sun and moon story

Sun And Moon Story

This is an amazing sun and moon story to read for kids online. Long ago, there lived a mother, brother, and sister. One day, the mother went to help at the party. “Watch the house well. I will bring some delicious pancakes and rice cakes,”

The Tortoise And The Eagle

This is one of the most famous Aesop Fable for kids. A young tortoise was lazing around the river bank looking at the birds flying in the sky. He stared at them and started thinking out loud! “I wish I could fly like those birds

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The Ugly Tree Story

This is the Ugly Tree Story. Once upon a time, a forest had straight and beautiful trees but in this forest, there was one tree whose trunk was bent, hunched and very different from all the other trees around it. The crooked tree often sighed for

The King And His Three Daughters Story

This is the king and his three daughters story.  In a kingdom far, far away lived a king and his three daughters. The king loved them very much for they were good and beautiful girls, but one day he decided to test how much they

The Sly Fox

Here is a famous aseop online story to read for kids. In the middle of the forest, a large piece of meat was on a path. A dog and a cat both saw it at the same time and ran for it. The dog jumped onto

Mickey Mouse Bedtime Story

This is one of the mickey mouse bedtime story for kids. Mickey was a mouse. He had many toys. He used to spread them all around his room. “Mickey put your toys at their right place. Some guests are coming today,” said his mother. Mickey