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cain and abel

Cain And Abel

Here is one of the best bible stories for children, “Cain And Abel“. After god had thrown Adam and Eve out of Eden, they started living outside the garden. There they had two sons. They named them Cain and Abel. Abel grew up to be

david and goliath story

David And Goliath Story

Here is one of the best bible stories for children, “David And Goliath Story“. A long long time ago, the god was looking for a new king of Israel to replace King Saul, who had displeased him. The god sent his servant Samuel to the

Never Trust A Stranger

This is one of the best moral stories of panchatantra for kids. Once upon a time, deep in the forest, there lived a partridge. This partridge had made her home in a hollow at the base of the tree. One day, the partridge had decided

The Foolish Donkey

This is one of the best short story about animals with moral lesson for kids. Once a lion, the king of the forest was wounded in a fight with an elephant. The wounded king could not hunt for many days and had to remain hungry. The lion’s

The Tale Of Three Fishes

This is one of the best short stories of panchatantra in english with pictures for kids. Once upon a time, there lived three fishes in a beautiful lake which was in a very heart of a dense forest. Though the three fishes were firm friends and

The Clever Jackal

This is one of the most amazing animal stories for preschoolers. Once upon a time in a jungle, there lived a clever jackal. One day, while wandering in the jungle, he saw a dead elephant. Eager to eat the flesh, the jackal went closer and