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bedtime stories online

The Mouse Maid

This is one of the best bedtime stories online for kids. On the banks of Ganga, there lived several holy men. Their leader was a man of great learning who had magical powers. One day as he was praying by the side of the river,

The Green Frog That Didn’t Listen

This is a great animal story for kids. There lived a mother green frog and her son in a small pond. The son never listened to the mother and always did the opposite of what the mother told him. “There are many snakes in the woods, don’t

jacob and esau story

Jacob And Esau Story

This is the Jacob And Esau Story from Bible for kids. Long, long time ago, a good man called Abraham had a son named Isaac. Isaac grew up to be a young and handsome man. Abraham started for looking for a wife for him so that he

fairy tales stories

The Peony Tree And The Peony Flower

This is one of the awesome fairy tales stories for kids. Long, long ago, there lived a beautiful princess and a charming prince. The two were in love. They always spent time together and were happy. One day, the Prince got to know about the

story of moses

Story Of Moses

This is the Story of Moses from Bible. A long long time ago, there was a small city called Goshen. There was a time when the rulers of the Egypt wanted to kill all the babies who were born in Goshen. A woman who lived

noah bible story for kids

Noah Bible Story For Kids

This is the Noah Bible Story For Kids. A long time had passed since Adam and Eve were created. The land was now full of wicked people. This made god very unhappy. There was only one good man named Noah. He blessed Noah for being

short moral stories

Self Help Is The Best Help

This is one of the best moral stories for students. Once upon a time, there lived an honest cart driver in a small village. He belonged to a poor family but he always worked hard no matter what. He used to carry heavy loads on

the bremen town musicians story

The Bremen Town Musicians Story

This is one of the famous music stories for kids, “The Bremen Town Musicians Story“. Once upon a time, there lived a farmer who had a donkey. This donkey worked for very long years to serve his owner carrying sets of flours and weight. But

bedtime stories with morals

The Lazy Boy That Became A Cow

This is one of the best bedtime stories with morals for kids. Long, long ago, there lived a very lazy boy. Other people worked hard, but this boy only slept. One day, the mother scolded the boy and said, “Oh, you’re always sleeping. You have to work