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jack and the beanstalk story

Jack and the Beanstalk Story

This is the Jack And The Beanstalk Story. Long ago, there once lived a poor widow who had an only son named Jack. Jack was very lazy, he never did any work. As time went by Jack and his widow mother became poorer and poorer.

finding nemo

Finding Nemo

This is a short story from Disney Finding Nemo. Nemo was a little clownfish who lived a quiet life with his dad, Marlin, on the Great Barrier Reef. Nemo longed for adventure but Marlin worried about the dangers in the ocean. He barely let Nemo

short stories for kids with morals

The Deer Who Played Truant

This is one 0f the best short stories for kids with morals. One day, a Doe brought her son to wise old deer who used to teach all the deer. She wanted her son to be saved. So, she wanted him to attend the school.

bible stories for kids

The House Of Simon

This is one of the great bible stories for kids. Long ago, Jesus was invited to the house of a man called Simon. He lived in a town called Naine. Simon was a Pharisee which meant he lived strictly following all of the Jewish laws. Simon did

animal stories for kids

The Horse And The Donkey

This is one of the amazing animal stories for kids with morals. Once upon a time, there lived a washerman. He washed people’s clothes for money. He had a horse and a donkey. One day, the washerman had loaded his donkey with the heavy bundle of

grimm fairy tales

The Princess On The Glass Hill

This is one of the amazing grimm fairy tales for the children. Long, long time ago, there lived a farmer who had three sons and forty acres of fields. But every year on mid-summers, every last plant on his land was eaten. The farmer sent

the giving tree

The Giving Tree Story

This is the awesome short story of The Giving Tree. A tall leafy tree stood on a hill warmed by the sunshine. This tree loved a little boy and its heart would pound when it heard the patter of hiss footsteps approaching. The boy would

aesop's fables

The Milkmaid And Her Pail

This is one of the wonderful stories from aesop’s fables for children. Molly was a milkmaid. It was her job to deliver milk to the market. In exchange, the people at the market would give Molly money for her milk. One of Molly’s favorite parts of being