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aseop online

The Ass And His Masters

This is a famous aseop online story to read for all the children.Once, in a village,  there lived an ass and his master. His master was a herb-seller. An ass, belonging to the herb-seller who used to gave him too little food and too much of

the fisherman and his wife

The Fisherman And His Wife

This is the short story of the fisherman and his wife. Not so long ago, lived a humble fisherman and his wife. They had a small filthy shack, really close to the sea. One day, while fishing, he caught a big, big flounder. “Let me

moral stories for children

The Foolish Monkey And The King

This is one of the great moral stories for children. Long, long ago, there lived a king who was very fond of monkeys. He had one favorite monkey who he kept very close to him like a friend. The king thought that the monkey was

panchatantra tales

The Kind Thief

This is one of the amazing panchatantra tales. Once upon a time, there lived three friends in a kingdom far away. One of them was the son of the king named Prabhu. The second was the son of the minister named Raghu. The third one was

classic fairy tales

The Three Little Men In The Wood

This is one of the great classic fairy tales. Once upon a time lived a woman with her daughter. She married a man who had a daughter as well. She didn’t love her as much as her own daughter, though. She didn’t give her anything and

prodigal son story

Prodigal Son Story

This is the prodigal son story. A long time ago, a rich farmer had two sons. He loved them dearly and thought of sharing his riches between them when he died. The youngest son decided he did not want to wait so he went to his father

disney princess jasmine

Disney Princess Jasmine Story

This is the short story of Disney princess jasmine. Jasmine was sad and lonely. She needed a friend. Her father was sad to see her daughter’s sadness. “Poor Jasmine, I want to make you happy,” said her father. The next day, he gave Jasmine a

dog story

The Dog Who Went Abroad

This is an amazing dog story to read online for children. Once upon a time, there lived a smart dog called Spart. He used to live in the town. He was very happy to stay at his own land and he was loved by all

panchatantra stories in english

The Jackal And The Drum

This is one of the best panchatantra stories in english. Once upon a time, there was a jackal in a jungle. One day, while looking for something to eat, he saw a big drum under a tree. The wind blew off a tender branch from

animal stories for kids with morals

The Buck And The Doe

This is one of the awesome animal stories for kids with morals. Once upon a time, there lived a lovely Doe in the forest. The forest was situated near the mountainous area. She had extremely soft reddish brown fur and white bright eyes. One day, she