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the wise men of gotham

The Wise Men of Gotham

This story has been adapted from, The Wise Men Of Gotham. A long time ago, under the reign of King John, an incident occurred in a small village of Gotham, Nottinghamshire. On a bridge near the village stood two men, both were residents of the

east of the sun west of the moon

East Of The Sun West Of The Moon

This is the famous East Of The Sun West Of The Moon story to read for kids. In the land of trolls and magic, there is a poor man. His house is falling down, his family is in rags and his money is almost gone.

short story once upon a time

The Mischievous Dog

This is the short story once upon a time of, “The Mischievous Dog” to read for kids. Once upon a time, a man had a pet dog. To his demise, the dog was as ill-mannered as he was mischievous. The dog had an awful habit of creeping

moral stories for kids

The Hidden Treasure Story

This is the hidden treasure story for kids to read. Once upon a time, in a small secluded village lived an old man. He had four sons. All of them had grown up into big men. Despite being grown-ups, the farmer’s sons never worked. The

once upon a time bedtime stories

The Green Monkey

This is one of the best “once upon a time bedtime stories” to read for kids. Once upon a time, there lives a King. The King marries a beautiful Princess. The King’s wife soon has a baby boy, but the wife dies that day. The

greek mythology for kids

Prometheus And The Two Roads

This is an awesome story of greek mythology for kids. Once upon a time, Zeus the king of all Gods summoned Prometheus. Now, Zeus wanted the humankind to learn something great, and no other God of as well suited for this job as Prometheus. When Prometheus

bedtime stories for babies

Kallo And The Goblins

This is one of the awesome bedtime stories for babies. Once upon a time, in Greece lived an enormously fat lady. She had two daughters. Marbo was the older one and Kallo was the younger one. Marbo, similar to her mother was vast and extremely fat

aesop fables story

Hawk and the Nightingale

This is a great aesop fables story, “Hawk And The Nightingale”. One sunny afternoon a hawk set out to search for food. He flew through the sky, looking for a suitable prey. All day he flew from one place to another, but he found nothing.  “I should

teddy bear poem

Teddy Bear Poem

Teddy Bear Poem is one of the awesome nursery rhymes, which is quite popular with little children. This is an action poem. It is generally accompanied by the action to the doing words in the poem. Most probably the poem’s main purpose was to provide

grimm fairytales


This is one of the best Grimm fairytales to read for kids. Once, there lives a young man in a village. He is sad. He has no family, no brothers or sisters, and no money. Suddenly, an old man in a green coat comes to him. He