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the sword in the stone

The Sword In The Stone

This is The Sword In The Stone Story for kids. In the ancient times in England, there lives a boy whose name is Arthur. He is the son of the King. The King wants Arthur to become a King one day. But some bad men want to kill

wheels on the bus

Wheels On The Bus

Wheels On The Bus is one of the popular nursery rhyme and an American folk song. It was written in the year 1939 by Verna Hills. The song is popular all over the world including the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, and Canada. This rhyme

clap your hands

Clap Your Hands

Clap Your Hands is one of the most popular repetitive rhymes for the children. The origin of this nursery rhyme had derived from the United States. The song was first published in the mid of nineteenth century. It has been published in various places through

swan lake story

Swan Lake Story

This is The Swan Lake Story. Once upon a time, there was a handsome Prince. His name was Siegfried. One day, he went hunting in the forest and came upon a beautiful lake. He saw many white swans playing in the water. As it became

short story on birds with moral

A Wise Parrot

This is one of the best short story on birds with moral for kids to read. A long time ago, deep in a jungle resided a beautiful parrot. The parrot was extremely beautiful. He happily lived with his brother in the jungle. Also, read The Magician

spooky stories for kids

The Tower Room

This is one of the spooky stories for kids to read. This story has been adapted from the original works of E. F. Benson’s, “ The Room in the Tower”. Long ago, there lived a man. This young man had a recurring nightmare. In the dream,

peter and the wolf

Peter And The Wolf Story

This is the story of Peter And The Wolf. Peter lives with his grandfather. He is only six years old. Their house is by a forest. The grandfather has a cat named, Ivan and a duck called Sonya. One morning, Peter walks into a big, green

androcles and the lion

Androcles And The Lion

This is Androcles and the Lion Story for kids to read. In ancient Rome, many, many years ago, a slave named Androcles ran away from his master. The slave ran fast and quick and made it to the nearby woods. There, he took shelter beside

old macdonald had a farm

Old Macdonald Had A Farm

Old Macdonald Had A Farm Song‘ is one of the well-known nursery rhymes and is loved by all the children. There are over 20 versions of this rhyme but still, it is sung in the same tone. This song was first published in the year