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aesop fable for kids

The Blind Man And The Lame Man

This is one of the best aesop fable for kids to read. Once upon a time, not that long ago, two men met under certain bad circumstances. One of the men was blind and the other one was lame. That day, the blind man who

short story about animals with moral lesson

The Bear And The Crabs

This is one of the best short story about animals with moral lesson for kids. Once upon a time, in a jungle lived a bear. This bear was huge. The bear loved to eat. Whatever he found, he would gobble it up in no time.

classic bedtime stories online

The Ice Cream Cart And The Poor Girl

This is one of the classic bedtime stories online for kids. Once upon a time, in a small house lived a little girl. She loved ice creams. Every day in her neighborhood, an ice cream cart came in the evenings. It was full of many

kids moral story

The Thief And The Boy

This is one the best kids moral story. Once upon a time, there lived a thief in a small town. Ever since the thief was a young boy, he had been stealing things. Now, that he had grown up, he still stole to make a

animal stories with moral

The Swan And The Owl

This is one of the best animal stories with moral for kids. Long, long ago, there lived a swan in the lake. The lake was near the beautiful forest. One night while the swan was gliding in the lake, an owl saw her. The owl

animals stories for kids

The Lion And The Elephant

This is one of the best animals stories for kids. In a deep, dense jungle, there lived a lion. He was known for his great power. Undoubtedly, he was strong and had mighty claws and teeth but he had one big problem. He was terrified

tooth fairy story

The Little Girl And The Tooth Fairy Story

This is the most amazing tooth fairy story for kids to read. One day, not too long ago, a little girl experienced the pain of milk teeth falling out for the very first time. As it was her first time, the little girl became scared at

mater and the ghostlight

Mater And The Ghostlight

This is the Mater And The Ghostlight story for kids. In the heart of Radiator Springs which was far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday’s hectic life, lived a few cars peacefully. They lived together in peace and happiness. Among them was Mater. Now,

animal story with moral

The Bag Of Salt

This is an amazing animal story with moral for kids. Once upon a time, long ago, in a forest all the animals were hungry and thirsty. You see, that year the rain had failed to come and therefore, the forest was on the brink of

this old man song

This Old Man Song

This Old Man Song is a traditional nursery rhyme and was first published in the year 1906. It is considered to be one of the oldest songs which help the children in understanding the counting. This nursery rhyme has first appeared in the England in the