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short funny story in english

A Miser And The Villagers

Here is a hilarious short funny story in english for kids. Once upon a time, there lived a miser. One day, a son was born to him. This made the miser very unhappy. “Now, all the villagers will be coming. I will have to give

short moral story for children

The Truthful Thief

This is one of the most awesome short moral story for children. There once lived a man named Jaggu who was a thief. He wanted to become a good person so he went to a holy man for help. “Sir, I wish to become a

tit for tat

Tit For Tat

This is one of the best short moral stories for kids, Tit For Tat. There was a very rich old woman. She had lost her eyesight. She went to a doctor to get herself treated. The doctor asked the old woman, “What will I get from

short animal stories

The Otters And The Wolf

This is one of the best short animal stories for kids. Long ago, in a dense forest, there lived a wolf and his wife. They loved each other very much and were happy. One day, the wolf’s wife said, “I am craving to eat fresh

eklavya story

Eklavya Story

This is the Eklavya Story for kids to read. Eklavya was a tribal boy of the Mahabharata period. He was the simple son of the simple chiefdom. He was very fond of archery but unfortunately, he had no teacher apart from his father. The tribal boy

short moral story

The Proud Teacher

This is one of the best short moral story to read for kids. One evening, a teacher from a village wanted to cross the river to meet his brother on the other side. He saw a boatman and yelled to him, “Can you take me

real life inspirational stories

A Father’s Love

This is one of the best real life inspirational stories. One day, in a house, a father and a son were sitting together. They were sitting by the window. The father had become too old, and the son was still young. Though unlike the father,

the hospital window

The Hospital Window

This is The Hospital Window Story for kids. Once upon a time, two men shared a hospital room. Now, one of these men was allowed to sit up for an hour every day. The other one, however, was on a complete bed rest. The one

the farmer and the dog

The Farmer And The Dog

This is The Farmer And The Dog story for kids. Once upon a time in a village lived a farmer. The farmer had a dog. One day, the farmer left his dog along with his newborn baby. The farmer went out on business after telling his

how the kangaroo got its pouch

How The Kangaroo Got Its Pouch

This is a dream time story for kids, how the kangaroo got its pouch. It has been adapted from an Australian folktale. A long time ago in the grasslands of Australia, a mother kangaroo was looking for food along with her joey. The mother kangaroo