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inspirational stories for children

Shake Off All Your Problems

This is one of the most amazing inspirational stories for children. Once upon a time, there used to live a man. This man had many donkeys to help him with his business. Among them, there was an old donkey. Now, this old donkey had been

adventure stories for kids

Little Toy Train Story

This is one of the best adventure stories for kids. Little Toy Train was a goods train. He had a shiny engine, three wagons, a cool van, and a bright red guard’s van. Whenever he sped around his track in one corner of the playroom,

fables short stories with moral lesson

The Tyrant Wolf

This is one of the amazing Fables Short Stories With Moral Lesson for children. Once upon a time, there lived a little lamb. One day, the poor little lamb lost its way and was separated from his herd. After searching in vain for his herd,

two cats and a monkey

Two Cats And A Monkey

This is the story of two cats and a monkey for kids to read online. Once upon a time, there lived two cats. These two cats were good friends. One day, they were wandering around. Suddenly, on a street, the two of them find a

short panchatantra stories

The Foolish Weaver

This is one of the best short panchatantra stories for kids. Once upon a time in India, there lived a poor weaver. Now, this weaver did not have many helpers, so he had to do all the work by himself. One day, as he was

buddha story for kids

The Story Of Buddha

This is buddha story for kids. Once upon a time in a happy kingdom of Kapilavastu, King Suddhodana and Queen Mahamaya found out they were going to have a baby. So, the Queen decided to go to his father’s house. On the way, they came

kids animal story

The Lazy Squirrel

This is an amazing kids animal story to read. In a large oak tree, there lived a squirrel. His name was Dale. He was very lazy and never wanted to work. He always wanted to sleep, then eat, again sleeps and then eat again. Whenever

control your anger

Control Your Anger

This is an amazing moral story for kids, Control Your Anger. Rick was a nice, young boy who had a very bad habit of getting angry at every little thing. He would easily get angry at anyone and would even use foul language sometimes. His

animal stories for children

The Frogs And The Crane

This is one of the best animal stories for children. Once upon a time, in a forest was a lovely pond. This pond was situated in the heart of the forest. Around the tree, grew tall grass and many flowering plants. In the pond, lived

baby bedtime songs

Sleep My Baby

This is one of the baby bedtime songs which is also known as “Suo Gan“. It is a traditional welsh lullaby by an unknown composer. This lullaby was first found in print around the 1800s. Which was then collected by the Welsh folklorist Robert Bryan. This