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Monthly Archives: August 2017

cute animal stories

The Heros Of The Jungle

This is one of the cute animal stories for children. This is a story of a large and dense forest called Greenyland. There flowed a river from the middle of the jungle called the Tiber. Once, during the rainy season, a flood struck the jungle.

true friends story

True Friends Story

This is True Friends Story for kids. Deep in the forest, there were three friends, a deer, a tortoise and a woodpecker. They were always seen together. They spent most of their time chatting or playing by the lake side. One day, a hunter came

very short stories with morals

The Other Side

This is one of the very short stories with morals which has been adapted from a Zen Story. Once upon a time, a young Buddhist was journeying back to his home. The young Buddhist was travelling alone. It had been long since he had last

inspirational kids stories

Beauty In Imperfection

This is one of the great inspirational kids stories which has been adapted from Zen stories. Once upon a time, long ago, there was a famous Zen Temple. In that temple, there was a beautiful garden with all kinds of trees, shrubs and plants. One

story of ramayana

Story Of Ramayana

This is the Story Of Ramayana. Long ago, the wise King Dasharatha ruled over the Kingdom of Ayodhya, on the banks of the river Sarayu. Though the King had three wives, he didn’t have any children. The chief priest Vasishta advised Dasharatha to conduct a

toddler bedtime stories

The Sad Clown

This is one of the best toddler bedtime stories. Bongo, the clown had a bit of a problem. Clowns were supposed to be happy, funny, jolly people but Bongo was a very sad clown. Nothing at all seemed to make him laugh. Whenever the circus

inspiring short stories

Father And His Intelligent Son

This is one of the most inspiring short stories for children. Once upon a time, there lived a father and a son together. They were very rich. Whatever his son demanded, the father would get for him without any hitch. The father wanted that his

short folktales stories

The Unwanted Guests

This is one of the best short folktales stories for kids. In a village in South India, there lived a poor man called Raghu. He didn’t have enough to eat but he was very generous man and often brought home guests for lunch or dinner.

funny animal stories for kids

The Intelligent Jackal

This is one of the funny animal stories for kids to read. A long time ago in a far away forest, there lived a wolf and a jackal. One day, they met and got talking. The wolf looked at the jackal and asked, “How much

jataka tales short stories in english

The Deceitful Bird

This is one of the awesome Jataka tales short stories in English. A long time ago, on the foothills of the Himalayas, there lived a large flock of birds. The King of the birds said, “Go and look for grain. If you find some, report