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stories with moral lessons for children

The King’s Son And The Painted Lion

This is one of the best stories with moral lessons for children. Once upon a time, there lived a king. This king only had one son. And to the king’s demise, his only son loved to play dangerous games, sports and martial exercise. No amount

english panchatantra stories

The Brahmin And The Crooks

This is one of the funny English Panchatantra stories for kids. Once upon a time, a Brahmin received a goat as a present. So, he decided to carry the goat on his shoulders. The Brahmin decided to take the shortest route home, which went through

The Fox And The Horse

This is one of the Grimm tales for kids. “Be gone!” the farmer told his horse. “You’re too old to work and I have no use for you. Now shoo!” The old horse didn’t move. He simply hung his head. Frustrated, the farmer sighed, “Look

moral values stories

The Dog And The Wolf

This is one of the best moral values stories for kids. Once upon a time, there was a wolf and a house dog. The wolf was lean and his ribs were almost sticking through his skins and he was half starved as he could not

king solomon story

King Solomon Story

This is King Solomon Story for kids. Once upon a time, when David was the king of Israel, Israel grew ten times larger than it was under King Saul’s reign. Now, David had grown old and feeble and he knew his time in this world

inspirational real life stories

Dream, Dream And Dream

This is one of the heart touching inspirational real life stories for kids that helps them to do their work with full determination. Long, long time ago, there lived a girl called Lilly. When she started going to school, she was a bit shy. All

best fables

The Horse And The Stag

This is one of the best fables for children. Long ago, there was a horse that lived in a large, green prairie. He lived there with no other animal to bother him. The horse had been living in this place for many, many years. One

adventure bedtime stories

Wise Totum

This is one of the awesome adventure bedtime stories for kids. Totum was a very simple and innocent boy. He was always getting into trouble with his father. No matter how hard he tried, he could never make his father happy. His two elder brothers

short inspirational stories for students

The Ant And Its Anthill

This is one of the short inspirational stories for students. Once upon a time, there lived an ant with its fellows in the forest. The ant was not at all happy being an ant. She did not enjoy her life at all. All she wanted

The Brilliant Negotiator

This is one of the folktale stories for kids. A long time ago lived a wise man in a distant land. He was known by his people as Bharat, the brilliant negotiator. If there was any issue to be resolved, the people would say, “Go to