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Daily Archives: August 16, 2017

inspirational stories for teens

Zen Master Asks “Why Ride The Bicycle?”

This is one of the inspirational stories for teens which has been adapted from a Zen story. Once upon a time, a Zen master saw five of his students riding a bicycle. So he went to them and asked, “Why do you ride a bicycle?”

fairy tale for kids

Kumba Am And Kumba Amul

This is an awesome fairy tale for kids for kids. Once upon a time, there were two step-sisters who lived together. One was called Kumba Am because her mother was still alive. The other was called Kumba Amul for she had lost her mother. Kumba

true inspirational stories

Maybe Said The Farmer

This is one of the true inspirational stories which has been adapted from a Zen story. Once upon a time, far away lived a farmer. This farmer had huge lands. Day and night he worked in his fields. Every morning he woke up early and went

jatak katha in english

The Mosquito And The Carpenter

This is an amazing Jatak Katha in English for kids. Once upon a time, in Benares under the rule of Brahmadatta, the Bodhisattva was born in a trading family. When he grew up, he became a trader too. In those times, the border of Kasi