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Monthly Archives: September 2017

read fables online

The Lark And Her Young Ones

This is one of the best short stories to read fables online. One day, a lark made her nest in a field of young wheat. As the days passed, the wheat started to grow tall and the young birds too started to grow. Then, one

the 7th voyage of sinbad

The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad

This is the story of the 7th voyage of Sinbad. Once upon a time, by a chance encounter Sinbad the porter meets Sinbad the sailor. Ever since their meet Sinbad, the porter had been invited to hear Sinbad the sailor’s journey. On the seventh day,

children's fairytale stories

The Pig King

This is one of the great children’s fairytale stories. Once upon a time, in a faraway land lived a king and a queen. One night, three fairies visited the queen. All three of them bestowed the queen with some gifts. Also, read The Prince With

sindbad the sailor

Sindbad The Sailor Story – Sixth Voyage

This is the sixth voyage of Sindbad The Sailor Story. Once upon a time, in Baghdad Sinbad, the porter came to know Sindbad the sailor. On the sixth evening, after all the guests were fed, Sindbad the sailor began his tale again. Also, read Sinbad’s Third

akbar birbal funny stories

The Green Horse

This is one of the Akbar Birbal funny stories for kids. One day, Akbar was riding a horse in a garden. Birbal was also with him. There was greenery all around. Akbar was happy to see the surroundings. He said to himself, “What a pleasure

bedtime stories for boys

Top 5 Moral Bedtime Stories For Boys

Whether Boys or Girls, Moral lessons should be taught from a very early age so that our little champs tend to build up good moral values while growing up. Begin by telling your lad the best bedtime stories for boys that will help them differentiate

sinbad the fifth voyage

Sinbad The Fifth Voyage

This is Sinbad The Fifth Voyage Story for kids. Once upon a time, in Baghdad lived Sinbad the Sailor. He happened to meet Sinbad the porter. Upon meeting him Sinbad the sailor began to narrate his stories one day at a time. On the fifth

short fable story

The Cicada And The Fox

This is the short fable story for kids. Once upon a time, there lived many cicadas in the forest. Unfortunately, the numbers of cicadas were reducing every day. It was a mystery and none of them could find out where did all the cicadas gone.

sindbad the sailor story

Sindbad the Sailor Story – Fourth Voyage

This is the fourth voyage from Sindbad The Sailor Story. Once upon a time in Baghdad lived Sinbad the sailor. Upon a chance encounter, he met Sinbad the porter and he invited him to listen to his stories. So, Sinbad, the porter came again on

fable tales

The Raven And The Swan

This is one of the great fable tales for kids. Once upon a time, there lived a raven on a huge tree. There was a small pond right after the tree. In this pond lived a swan. The raven was as black as coal. On

sinbad the sailor story

Sinbad the Sailor Story – Third Voyage

This is the third voyage from Sinbad The Sailor Story. Once upon a time, Sinbad the porter was invited by Sinbad the Sailor to hear about the stories of his voyages. Sinbad the porter came the third evening to hear the story of the third

very short stories for kids

The Banyan Deer

This is one of the very short stories for kids to read. Once upon a time, near the city of Banaras situated in India, there was a forest. In this forest, there were two herds of deer. Each herd had five hundred deer. And both

sinbad the sailor story in english

Sinbad’s Second Voyage

This is Sinbad The Sailor story in English for children. Once upon a time, in Bagdad, Sinbad the Sailor began telling the story of his voyages to Sinbad the Hammal. On the second day of telling, he made sure his guests were well fed first.

fairy tales online

The Singing Turtle

This is one of the fairy tales online for kids which has been adapted from a tale in Japan. Once upon a time, there lived two brothers. These two brothers lived with their mother a little further away from the city nearby. Now, one of