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kids stories with moral

The Sick Stag

This is one of the best kids stories with moral. Once upon a time, a group of stags lived in a forest. All of these stags got along well and were good friends. They went to graze grass together and did everything together. One day,

bedtime story for kids with moral

The Gift of Insults

This is a great bedtime story for kids with moral which has been adapted from the Zen Story. Once upon a time, in a village near Tokyo, lived an old samurai. This samurai had never lost a single battle in his life. Even in his

animal short story in english

Curious Squeaky

This is one of the great animal short story in English for kids. “Come, get into your bed Squeaky,” said Mrs. Squirrel. “But I’m not sleepy yet,” said Squeaky. “Get into your bed and soon you’ll be fast asleep.” Squeaky wanted to go out and