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halloween stories online

Too Much Candy

This is one of the best Halloween stories online about Jay and his family. They are getting ready for Halloween. Jay’s mom is on the steps. She’s making a Halloween costume for Jay. Jay and his dad are decorating the front porch. There is a

small moral stories for kids

The Donkey And The Leopard

This is one of the amazing small moral stories for kids. Once upon a time, there was a washerman who had a donkey. The donkey was very lazy and was hungry all the time. But the washerman was poor. So, it was impossible for him

fairy tale short story

The Flying Carpet

This is the amazing fairy tale short story for kids. In a simple cottage at the foot of a snowy mountain, there was a mother working as a weaver. Every week, the mother would bring the carpets decorated with figures of different kinds of birds,

short stories based on moral value

The Mysterious Hut

This is one of the great short stories based on moral value. Once, there was a small village called Devgarh in the India. The village was situated near a jungle and there were many happy families living there. The children were very friendly and used

popular children's fables

The Gnat And The Bull

This is one of the popular children’s fables for kids. Long, long time ago, there lived a wild bull in the forest. He used to do his daily chores which helped him to raise his family. A little gnat flew over a meadow. After flying around

moral stories for school students

The Mysterious Friend

This is one of the best moral stories for school students. Once upon a time in a small village, there lived a small boy called Ben. Ben had no friends except one secret friend. He used to call him “Chuk-Chuk!” He used to skip school

original grimm tales

The Peasant And The Devil

This is one of the best original Grimm tales for kids. There was a peasant who was working very hard in his field. When it got dark, he was ready to go home. At that moment, he saw a pile of burning coals in the middle

short fable story for kids

The Bull And The Calf

This is an awesome short fable story for kids. A few years ago, there was a strong and hefty body bull. It was quite a task for him to get himself through the door of the cowshed where he and his fellow cows lived together.

short story for children with moral lesson

The King And His Ghost

This is the amazing short story for children with moral lesson. Long, long time ago, in the Kingdom of India, there lived a King who had a greedy advisor. The King did not know that the advisor wanted to have all of the King’s treasure