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animal stories for kids in english

Snowball And His Forest Friends

This is one of the amazing animal stories for kids in english. One day, the forest God created an animal. It was called Snowball. Snowball was round, his fur was very white. He was a beautiful animal. All the animals liked him. However, Snowball was

inspirational quotes for kids

15 Inspirational Quotes For Kids To Inspire Their Best

Inspirational Quotes plays an important role in our lives as it inspire all of us and it eliminates the negative thoughts and emotions running in the mind. Like any other person, children need to be equipped more with the positive thoughts and emotions. As kids

halloween stories for preschoolers

Halloween Henry

This is one of the amazing Halloween stories for preschoolers. Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful family of Warrens, Jim and Alice and their two children, Penny and Rick. They had just moved into their new house. Penny and Rick loved their new

dreamtime stories for kids

How The Kangaroos Got Their Tails

This is one of the best Dreamtime stories for kids. In the early days, in the Dreamtime, there were two Kangaroos who lived in this country. One came from the hills, the other from the plains. The plains Kangaroo was a big Kangaroo with long

moral stories with pictures

Rabbit And Wolf

This is one of the best moral stories with pictures for children. Little Rabbit was a very good child and he used to live with her mother. He was old enough to start schooling. So, Mother Rabbit decided to sign her up for a school

free short stories for kids

Sturnus The Liar

This is one of the best free short stories for kids. Once, in a forest, all kinds of animals lived in peace and love. However, none of them wanted to hang around with Sturnus. She was postured and always told lie. Moreover, she never realized

The Two Voracious Bears

This is one of the best short stories for kindergarten for kids. Once upon a time, there was an old mother bear and two cubs living together in a wood. One day, the cubs asked their mother, “Mommy, we have grown up now. Please let

philippine legend stories

The Legend of the Chrysanthemum

This is one of the great Philippine legend stories for kids. Once upon a time, there was a little girl living with her mom in a small thatched hut in a deserted hamlet. Her father had passed away when she was still young. So her

fable online

Flame, Rain, And The Arrogant Tiger

This is a great fable online for kids. There was a ferocious tiger living in a forest. Everyone in the region was afraid of him. So, the tiger became even more arrogant and reckless. One day, when the tiger was hunting, suddendly, he saw an

fairy tales short stories

The Candy Fairy

This is one of the amazing fairy tales short stories for kids. In a faraway Kingdom, there was a candy fairy who was very kind and loving towards children. In her house, there were always all sorts of candies with different colors. She normally used