7 Brainy Benefits Of Reading Bedtime Stories

Bedtime is very important for inculcating moral values in kids and what better way to do it with other than bedtime stories! Bedtime Stories help in creating a bond between the parents and their little ones. Reading to your child regularly lifts up his creative side from a very early age.

But, in today’s world, the kids are known to seek less attention towards reading and writing. That is so because the children are getting dominated by televisions, laptops, mobile phones, etc. Before the gadgets attack, start with the storytelling!

When To Get Started With Bedtime Stories?

It is never too early to incorporate the reading habits among your child. Introduce your child to the world of stories right from the beginning when you are pregnant. By reading aloud, the baby recognizes her mother’s voice in the womb as well. The doctors suggest that if you start reading from the very beginning, it will help the kid in boosting his imagination and memory.

As you start to develop the habit of storytelling, the child will start to understand by himself that it is the sleeping time. Set a proper night time routine and tell your child a story before going to bed. Make the bedtimes and nap times his best times!

Importance of Bedtime Stories For Kids

Bedtime Stories or Storytelling can contribute towards the child’s overall development! Yes, you read it right! By telling stories to the little ones, you are opening the doors of creativity and imagination to your child through which he would learn emotions, moral values, and many more. Stories can help in faster learning and a high command over the language.

Reading to your child also helps in strengthening the special bond between the parents and the child. In this world which is full of hustle and bustle, you will get some quality time to spend together and creating special memories together.

Benefits Of Reading Bedtime Stories To Children

Read out the following benefits of Bedtime Stories that will help your children in every way:

1. Strengthens Memory and Concentration:

While telling a story, always ask questions (what, when, why) from the story. Stimulate your child by asking the past events within the story and check if he remembers it. Also, ask him to narrate the previous story in the form of a summary.

2. Command Over Language:

The kids tend to learn the sound and expression of words faster if his parents keep on repeating the same word. By repeating the words and phrases, the kid will develop confidence in using the new words in his daily routine. Try to introduce a new word to him in the form of a story with its meaning. This will help your kid with a better understanding of the words. You may also use Pictionary for better understanding.

3. Enhance Creativity & Boost Imagination:

Introduce your child with the magical world of fairies and talking animals. This will help them in empathizing with their skills. Bedtime Stories help to bring out the imagination in children, it helps with their thought processes, and it can also serve as a teaching tool for everyday life skills and scenarios that need to be learned.

4. Expands Horizon:

Some stories help in fostering the knowledge about the place, person, and objects. For example, the story about shapes, the story about a specific country or area, the story about a greedy dog. If your child is a toddler or a preschooler, bedtime stories can teach them primary colors, counting, shapes, and nursery rhymes in a fun, exciting, and age-appropriate way.

5. Develop Moral Values And Social Ethics:

Moral stories are the best way to teach your child moral values and life lessons. It not only teaches a child moral values but also inculcates good manners, social behavior, and respect for elders. Each and every story leaves a very good message which helps the child to understand in the easiest way.

6. Strengthens Bond:

Reading to your child is a special time in which you can recreate the special bond between two of you. Enjoy the magical moment with your child where no one disturbs you.

7. Make Your Child Feel Loved:

From the tiring schedule, take out some time to adore your baby. Bedtime is the best time to tell your child that “YOU LOVE HIM”. Make your child feel important at least once in a day and what could be the best time than bedtime!

What Types Of Bedtime Stories You Should Read To Your Children?

It is important to know that children can get easily influenced by the stories you tell them. So, choose your collection of stories wisely. Help your child in understanding that there are no witches and genies. The children would sleep thinking about a witch or a bad fairy. Let them know that all of these are just stories.

Remember the following guidelines while selecting a story!

  1. Stories should not be thought-provoking: If the story consists of lots and lots of excitement, it will make the little ones active. It will be difficult to make him sleep in such a condition. Over excitement lays off all the creativity and imagination within the story.

2. Stories should add moral values: Reading moral stories to your child is the best way to cultivate good moral values about life such as cleanliness, friendship, honesty, respect, animal love, and many more.

3. Always end the story on a happy note: Always remember to make the ending happy so that your baby goes to the dreamland with all the happiness around her. Don’t let the negativity come near her.

4. Make your baby the star of the story: Dive your baby into the magical world of fairies, heroic adventures, and make him the star of the story. Make him the Prince from the story to boost his imagination power.

Have a great time and enjoy the Bedtime Stories with your child! Start this exercise from the very first day as it can help in improving the academics of your child. Make it a routine so that they inherit the same thing later in their lives.

Here are some of the best Bedtime Stories that you may like to read,

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