Angus The Spotty Goat

This is one of the many amazing short funny stories for kids. This is the story of a Spotty Goat. Long time ago, there lived a very playful goat named Angus. The goat used to live with his owners, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas. They pampered Angus like their own child. But Angus was very naughty and he loved to chew the woolen clothes. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas were very worried about it and used to scold him every day for his behavior.

One day, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas had to go to the market to buy fruits and vegetables. Before leaving, Mrs. Douglas put Mr. Douglas’s favorite woolen jacket on the hanger to dry up.  Both of them warned Angus not to chew the jacket. Once Douglas’s left, it began to rain heavily. The jacket fell on the ground because of the blowing wind.

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By the time he was picking the jacket, a piece of jacket came into his mouth unknowingly. Before he knew it, he chewed the jacket. When the rain stopped, Angus realized what he had done. Finally, he decided to keep quiet.

When the Douglas’s returned, they saw that there is no jacket. They searched all over but could not find the woolen jacket. However, Mrs. Douglas noticed a strand of wool sticking around his chin. Mrs. Douglas screamed at Angus in anger and threw him out of their home. Poor Angus was kicked out from him home without having his lunch. He swore never to chew wool ever again. 😀