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myths and legends for kids

The Story Of The Phoenix

This is one of the greatest stories about myths and legends for kids.There is a bird that lays no eggs and has no young. It was here when the world began and is still living today, in a hidden, far away desert spot. It is the

short stories for kids with morals

A Hole In The Fence

This is one of the awesome short stories for kids with morals. In a small village, lived a boy and his parents. He was an only child. The parents of the boy were very troubled with their child. Whenever the little boy got angry or

noddy goes to toyland

Noddy Goes To Toyland Story (Part-1)

This is the Noddy Goes To Toyland Story. In the woods near Toyland, Big-Ears was furiously riding his little red bicycle. He suddenly crashed into someone. Down they fell and the bicycle landed on them with a loud crash! Read more about Noddy here! Big-Ears had

pandora's box story

Pandora’s Box Story

This is the Pandora’s Box Story. A long time ago, a maiden called Pandora lived. In those days the people used to live in happiness and knew nothing of pain. Pandora should have been the happiest of all because when she had been born all

children stories with morals

The Poor Bunny’s Magical Presents

This is one of the awesome children stories with morals. Once upon a time, in a faraway land where many animals lived, a terrible drought took over all the fields and farmlands. All the plants had died and the fields had dried. The animals were

william tell story

Willam Tell Story

This is the short story of William Tell Story. Once upon a time, in a small village in Switzerland, lived William Tell. He was a fine archer. William could shoot an arrow better than everyone in his village. At that time the village was ruled

tarzan story

Tarzan Story

This is the Tarzan Story. One day, in a high tree house, Kala the ape found an odd looking baby. The baby had no fur on its body. His parents had been killed by the leopard called Sabor. He was the same leopard who had

kids animal stories

The Tiger’s Stripes

This is the kids animal stories which tell us why the tigers have orange and black stripes. This incident happened in a small village when all the animals still had the power to speak. In a jungle near a village, lived a mighty tiger. He had no

a bug's life

A Bug’s Life

This is the short story of A Bug’s Life. In the tiny world of ants amongst the grass, the clover and dandelions, Princess Atta was feeling very happy. This season she was in charge of the annual harvest for her kingdom. Everything was going very

disney princess aurora

Disney Princess Aurora Story

This is the short story of the Disney Princess Aurora. A long time ago, there once lived a king and a queen.  The king and the queen were very sad as they had no children. One day, the Queen sat by a pond in the