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Belling The Cat

This is one of the many amazing stories with morals for kids. There was a small village. The houses were made of mud. Hundred of mice lived in these houses. These mice jumped about here and there. During the Ganesh festival, people would feed them laddoos. The mice used to enjoy the whole day. They didn’t know the meaning of fear.

Once, during these days, a cat came to that area. On seeing so many mice, the cat made her home there. The mice were gentle and the cat was very cunning. When the mice wee busy eating something, the cat quietly used to come at the door, catch a mouse in her mouth and run away. She would then eat a mouse.

stories with morals

stories with morals-

As days went by, the number of mice were decreasing. The mice were worried. The mice didn’t know when the cat would bounce on them and from which direction. The mice just started running on seeing the cat. The cat still managed to catch at least one mouse.

The mice then called a meeting to come up with a plan and save themselves from the cat’s terror. All the mice gathered for the meeting and started to look for an idea. One of them suggested to tie anklets on all the four feet of the cat. On hearing the mouse, another one said, “The cat walks so softly that even if there will be anklets on all four feet, none of them will make any noise.” You may also like The Lion And The Mouse.

Then another mouse said, “Let’s tie a bell around her neck. If the cat will look here and there while walking, the bell will definitely move and it will ring. As soon as bell will ring, we will jump into our burrows.” All the mice liked this idea. The elderly mouse asked, “Who will put the bell around the cat’s neck?” On hearing the elderly mouse’s question, all the mice just went quiet.


Here is a short visual depiction of “Belling The Cat- stories with morals“. See the video story below,

 Belling The Cat- stories with morals