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old king cole nursery rhyme

Old King Cole Nursery Rhyme

This is the Old King Cole Nursery Rhyme for kids. Over the years, there have been many speculations as to who “Old King Cole” was. But it is certain that Old King Cole’s identity cannot be reliably traced back to any historical figure. Although some

inspirational poems about life

Three Things!

Three Things is one of the great inspirational poems about life for all those who miss out the most important three things in their lives. Bedtime Short Stories presents to you the original inspirational poem for all the lovely readers out there. In the world which is

phonics alphabet song

Phonics Alphabet Song

Phonics Alphabet Song is an amazing educational song which is used by the parents and teachers to teach the children the basic alphabets. The song not only teaches the alphabets but also each sound of that alphabet. It is considered to be one of the best