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fairy tale for kids

Kumba Am And Kumba Amul

This is an awesome fairy tale for kids for kids. Once upon a time, there were two step-sisters who lived together. One was called Kumba Am because her mother was still alive. The other was called Kumba Amul for she had lost her mother. Kumba

english fairy tales stories

Granny Casts A Spell

This is one of the best English fairy tales stories for kids. Susie was very fond of her Granny. Each day, when Susie got home from school, Granny was always there sitting by the fire knitting. Granny knitted so fast that sometimes it seemed as

small fairy tales

The Naughty Broom

This is one of the most amazing small fairy tales for kids. “Goodness me, what a lot of dirt and dust there is all over the kitchen floor,” said the maid. She was a very house-proud maid and didn’t like dirt and dust on her floor

short fairy tale

Tania And Manna

This is an awesome Short Fairy Tale for kids. Far above in the heaven, there was a Fairyland. There lived many fairies. Some were beautiful, some were ugly; some were good and some were bad. Amongst them, there was a fairy named Tania. She was an

original fairy tales

The Enchantress And The Apple Tree

This is one of the original fairy tales for kids to read. Once upon a time, there was a widow who had three sons. They wanted to get married soon but in the village, there wasn’t a girl as they wanted. An old woman lived in

stories about fairies and magic

Cleopatra And The Magic Flute

This is one of the amazing stories about fairies and magic for children. Once upon a time, there was an Egyptian girl who was named Cleopatra. She was very lonely as she always had top stay in the palace to be safe. She wanted to have an

very short fairy tales

Princess Rose And The Golden Bird

This is one of the very short fairy tales for kids.Many, many years ago, in a kingdom far, far away there lived a beautiful princess. She had a great longing for red roses and so she was called Princess Rose. She had beautiful red hair.

fairy tale bedtime stories

True Love

This is one of the best fairy tale bedtime stories for kids.Once upon a time in a kingdom that was happy and prosperous lived an unhappy king and queen. “If only we had a child we would be happy,” the kind would wonder. But many years passed

short stories about brothers

The Good Brother

This is one of the most amazing short stories about brothers to read.Once upon a time, there lived three brothers in the castle. The Princes would love to explore new things and so all of them decided to set out in search of adventures. Both the

the tin soldier

The Tin Soldier

This is The Tin Soldier story which has been adapted from Hans Christian’s, “The Steadfast Tin Soldier”. Once upon a time, a little boy received a wonderful present. This present had a troop of twenty-five tin soldiers, red and blue in color and stood tall