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very short stories with morals

The Other Side

This is one of the very short stories with morals which has been adapted from a Zen Story. Once upon a time, a young Buddhist was journeying back to his home. The young Buddhist was travelling alone. It had been long since he had last

very simple short moral stories

Unnecessary Doubts

This is one of the very simple short moral stories for kids. Once upon a time, there lived two friends. One was a boy and the other was a girl. They used to play together. Every day they would play together. Now, the girl had

control your anger

Control Your Anger

This is an amazing moral story for kids, Control Your Anger. Rick was a nice, young boy who had a very bad habit of getting angry at every little thing. He would easily get angry at anyone and would even use foul language sometimes. His

story of helping others

Always Help Others

This is an inspirational story of helping others. Peter and Handy were twin brothers. Though the looked the same their hearts and minds were completely opposite. Peter lived to enjoy his life. He never cared for people around him. All he concerned about was his

the greedy crow story

The Greedy Crow Story

This is one of the most amazing Kids Story to read, The Greedy Crow Story. Once upon a time, there lived a crow in a beautiful forest. Now, this Crow was very greedy and he always kept an eye on other’s business. He was liked by no one

The Young Girl And The Hen

This is a short story with moral for kids. Once upon a time, in a farmland lived a happy family. A couple and their daughter ran the farm and took care of the animals. You may also like to read, The Ice Cream Cart And The Poor

kids story with moral

The Two Parrots

This is an awesome kids story with moral. There once was a man named Ram who lived by the forest. He earned money by catching and selling the small birds and animals to people as pets. That evening, he went into the town to sell

story with moral lesson for kids

Terry And Fear

This is an amazing story with moral lesson for kids. Terry has a friend named Fear. Terry and Fear have been friends for a very long time. Fear loved being friends with Terry because he always made Terry fearful of things. Terry knew that Fear was

short story with moral lesson

A Foe In Disguise Of A Friend

This is a short story for kids with moral lesson for kids. Once upon a time, there was a King. Every day, one soldier was killed in his Kingdom. They were killed not in a war but while safeguarding the palace. The King was worried. Every day,

the magic pot

The Magic Pot Story

This is The Magic Pot Story for kids. Once upon a time, there lived a farmer in a village. He was very kind and diligent. The farmer brought a piece of land from a rich old man who lived next door. But there were so