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short fables for children

The Hare With Many Friends

This is one of the amazing short fables for children. Once upon a time, there lived a young hare in a forest. This little hare loved to make friends. And this hare did have many friends. She befriended many beasts in the forest she lived

moral values stories for students

The Hungry Fox Who Got Caught In The Tree Trunk

This is one of the amazing moral values stories for students. Once upon a time, there was a hungry fox. He was looking something to eat. He was very, very hungry. No matter how hard he tried, the fox could not find food. The hungry

fable short story about animals with moral lesson

The Caged Bird And The Bat

This is the fable short story about animals with moral lesson for kids. Once upon a time, there was a farmer who had a parrot at home. The parrot spoke well and everyone liked it. In the same house, there lived a bat. He too

children's fables with morals

The Jay And The Peacock

This is one of the awesome children’s fables with morals for kids. “Wanna play hide-and-seek?” Jay’s friends asked. “Okay,” said Jay, “but we play that game every sunrise!” “Birdball!” Jay heard a shout coming from the aviary. He flew to a higher branch to see a

aesop story

The Hare’s Liver – An Aesop Story

This is an amazing aesop story for kids to read. A long, long time ago, there lived a dragon King under the sea He was very sick. No matter how hard they tried, no one could cure the dragon King. So, the sea animals had

short fables with moral lesson

The Peacock And the Crane

This is one of the short fables with moral lesson for kids. Once, there was a beautiful peacock in the woods. “Wow, peacock! Your feathers are so beautiful,” said the cockoo. “Colorful and shiny too! Aren’t they gorgeous?” asked the peacock to his friends. “Yes,

aesop's fables stories with morals

The Well Of Truth

This is one of the great aesop’s fables stories with morals for kids. Long ago, a goat, a rooster and a donkey decided to try their luck at farming. “If we work together, we can grow anything,” said goat. “What should we plant?” asked rooster.

fable stories for children

The Farmer And The Stork

This is one of the best fable stories for children.A stork who used to love his old father and mother was responsible for getting food for them. He found a number of cranes which went in various flower lands to pick up seeds. He immediately joined

popular children's fables

The Gnat And The Bull

This is one of the popular children’s fables for kids. Long, long time ago, there lived a wild bull in the forest. He used to do his daily chores which helped him to raise his family. A little gnat flew over a meadow. After flying around

short fable story for kids

The Bull And The Calf

This is an awesome short fable story for kids. A few years ago, there was a strong and hefty body bull. It was quite a task for him to get himself through the door of the cowshed where he and his fellow cows lived together.