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adventures of sinbad

Sinbad’s First Voyage

This is the first voyage story from the adventures of Sinbad. Once upon a time in Bagad lived a poor porter. This porter’s name was Sinbad the Hammal. Every day, he used to work hard. Then one day, as Sinbad was on hard at his

arabian nights stories for children

The Rope Maker

This is one of the amazing Arabian Nights Stories For Children. Abu Hassan was a rope maker. Each day, he would take little cotton strings and twist them into ropes. He would then sell the ropes in the market but he could not make much

arabian tales

The Sparrow And The Peacock

This is one of the amazing Arabian Tales for kids to read. Once upon a time, in a jungle lived a sparrow. Now, every day this sparrow would go and see the king of the birds. Every day, without fail this sparrow would be the

1001 arabian nights stories

The Tale Of Three Apples

This is one of the best 1001 arabian nights stories for kids. Once upon a time, in Arabia, the Caliph Harun al-Rashid decided to go into the town and see how his kingdom was doing.Also, read Sheherazade And Shahriar. So, he calls his Wazir Ja’afar

arabian nights short story

The Tale Of The Cat And Crow

This is an Arabian Nights Short Story for kids. Once upon a time Cat and Crow used to be good friends. Wherever they went, they went together. One day, the Cat and Crow were lazing around on a sunny afternoon. Under a tree, they lay together enjoying

arabian nights stories for kids

Golden Dreams

This is one of the best Arabian Nights stories for kids. Once upon a  time in Baghdad, there lived a wealthy merchant called Farid. He had enough money to spend his all life wrapped in lavishness. But suddenly, Farid lost all his money and became

1001 nights stories

The Ebony Horse

This is one of the best 1001 nights stories for kids. Once upon a time, Persia was ruled by a great king called Sabut. Now, it was well known that Sabut had immense love for science. Once, when the Persian kingdom was hosting a festival,

tales from the arabian nights

The Hunchback’s Tale

This is one of the amazing tales from the Arabian nights. Once upon a time in Kashgar, lived a tailor and his wife. One day, when the tailor after a hard day’s work was about to close his shop, saw a hunchback. This hunchback was

arabian nights online

The Jealous Sister

This is one of the amazing stories from Arabian Nights online for kids. Abad was a trader who lived in a land called Damascus. He was in love with Heena who was the daughter of a rich wazir. Abad and Heena knew that the Wazir

arabian nights short stories

The Hunt The For Camel

This is one of the Arabian nights short stories for children. Once upon a time, there lived a man in a small village in Arabia. He had a camel and whenever he went on a journey, he went along with his camel. At one such