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The King O’ the Cats

This is one of the scary halloween stories. The King of cats is a folktale from the British Isles. One cold winter night, a woman sat near the fireplace with her big black cat. The woman and Old Tom, the cat, were waiting for the

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The Old Witch

This is one of the funny short halloween stories for kids. There once lived a little girl. The girl was obstinate and disobedient. She got into a lot of trouble, and whenever elders spoke to her, she was never happy. Read more stories of witches here.

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The Legend of Jack O’ Lantern

This is one of the amazing kids halloween stories. Many people assume that pumpkin carving is an American tradition. What people do not know is that the tradition was brought to America by the Irish. And the catch is, pumpkins do not grow in Ireland. Read

the headless horseman

The Headless Horseman Story

The headless horseman is a New York ghost story. The Legend goes like this- it is said to have begun during the American Revolutionary War. It began near the deserted roads of a  little town called Sleepy Hollow, near Tarrytown, New York. it is said

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The Witch’s Wall

This is one of the halloween stories for kids. Once upon a time, there lived an old witch. She did not like children. All the children were afraid of her. So, she decided to make a long wall at her home. She drew a painting