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inspirational stories courtesy

Inspirational Stories Courtesy

This is the great inspirational stories courtesy for children. Once upon a time, there lived a poor man who lived in a village. He lived with his wife. They were so poor that they did not get enough to eat, even two meals a day. One day,

real life inspirational stories

Potatoes, Eggs And Coffee Beans Story

This is one of the real life inspirational stories for all the kids and teens. Once upon a time, a daughter complained to her father that her life was miserable and that she didn’t know how she was going to make it. She was tired of

the fisherman and his wife

The Fisherman And His Wife

This is the short story of the fisherman and his wife. Not so long ago, lived a humble fisherman and his wife. They had a small filthy shack, really close to the sea. One day, while fishing, he caught a big, big flounder. “Let me

Emily- A Girl Who Couldn’t Fit In

This is one of the most amazing inspirational short stories for children. Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Emily. She was born from a family of musicians. Her father was an exemplary pianist during his youth and then became a music professor

The Greatest Treasure

This is one of the really good short stories to read for kids. One day, Peter found a treasure map. “Hurray! I am going to find this treasure and have some adventure,” he exclaimed. Peter set off. He walked a long way and finally reached

Story Of Two Seeds

This is one of most amazing kids inspirational stories to read. Two seeds lay side by side in the fertile soil. The first seed said, “I want to grow! I want to send  my roots deep into the soil beneath me and thrust my sprouts

The Ant And The Dove

Here is one of the best short inspirational stories for kids. One hot day, an ant was walking near a river bank. The poor ant lost her balance and fell inside the water. “Ahh help me! help me!” the ant cried. She screamed for help. As

Two Friends And A Talking Tree

This is one of the best short inspirational stories to read for kids. Once in a village, there lived two friends. There names were Goody and Baddie. Goody was kind and gentle while Baddie was mean and told lies often. One day, the two friends

inspirational stories unity

Inspirational Stories Unity

This is one of the most famous inspirational stories unity. In a forest, there lived a group of pigeons in a big tree. And under the same tree a rat lived. The head of the pigeons and the rat were the thick friends. One day,

the ant and the grasshopper story

The Ant And The Grasshopper Story

This is one of the amazing inspirational short stories, The Ant And The Grasshopper Story. Once upon a time in the beautiful spring, a grasshopper danced and was swinging in the field and was singing his spring song. He saw an ant and asked her what is