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Here is an awesome collection of scary short stories for kids. Read from hundreds of spooky stories for kids, all available right here in one of the best english short stories collection. Now, make bedtime the best time for your kids daily with a new short story about life every night. Enjoy reading.

The Canterville Ghost Summary (Part 1)

the canterville ghost summary

This is The Canterville Ghost Summary. Mr. Hiram B. Otis was a rich American minister who had just moved to London. His work brought him there. Mr. Otis did not want to stay in London. So he looked for a…

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The Cursed Doll

scary stories

This is one of the scary stories to read online. Once there lived a girl, who loved dolls. The little girl had a huge collection of dolls in her room. There were small dolls, big dolls, dolls with all kinds of…

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The Hairy Toe Childrens Story

the hairy toe childrens story

This is the hairy toe childrens story. It has been adapted from the works of S.E. Schlosser. Once upon a time, in a village near the woods lived an old woman. The old woman lived all by herself in a…

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Clown Statue Story

clown statue story

This is the Clown Statue Story for kids. Once a wealthy couple in California decided to take a break after a long tiring week. So, they booked a table for dinner. That evening, a fifteen-year-old girl was called to babysit their…

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The Tower Room

spooky stories for kids

This is one of the spooky stories for kids to read. This story has been adapted from the original works of E. F. Benson’s, “ The Room in the Tower”. Long ago, there lived a man. This young man had a…

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The Canterville Ghost (Part 2 )

the canterville ghost

For five days, the Canterville ghost did not leave his room. The ghost felt defeated and his ambitions for scaring people were shattered. Now, the Canterville ghost did not even bother to paint the bloodstains. “If they do not want…

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Bloody Fingers Story

scary stories for kids

This is the scary stories for kids. Long ago, it was well known that a certain hotel’s 13th floor was haunted by a ghost. It was said that it was a deadly ghost. One day, a man walked into the…

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