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The Minions (Part 4): Evil Scarlet Returns

This is the fourth part of The Minions short story. Scarlet saw the news on television and gets very angry. She hasn’t forgotten about the minions. One day, as Bob sits for his official royal portrait, Scarlet storms in. “How dare you? You stole my dream!

Minions Despicable Me (Part 3): Bob Becomes The King

This is the third part of Minions Despicable Me short story. Bob, the sweet little minion, henchman of Scarlet Overkill, is now the King of England. Instead of stealing the royal crown for Scarlet, Bob is now wearing it himself! He is escorted to his

Minions story (Part 1): Finding The Master

This is a short Minions story. There are millions of Minions in the Minionland. They are always in the search of their masters. They love to work for their masters. Without the master, the minions have no purpose as they become aimless and depressed. One of the

Despicable Me Minions (Part 2): The Journey To Crown

This is the second part of Despicable Me Minions short story. Bob, Kevin and Stuart are very excited for their first mission. By using the brilliant disguise, the minions sneak into the tower of London, where the crown is kept. They work as a team using