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Best Noddy Series For Kids!

Noddy and the Goblins

kindergarten stories

This is one of the best kindergarten stories which have been adapted from the original works of Enid Blyton’s Noddy series. On a hot day not far from Toyland in the Goblin Corner, two goblins were just waking up. Sly and Gobbo,…

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Noddy In Toyland (Part-2)

noddy in toyland

This is the short story of Noddy In Toyland. The toy train to Toyland was hooting, signaling to leave. “Hurry up, Noddy,” big ears hurried. Noddy followed quickly. They boarded the train and found space to sit. The toy train…

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Noddy Goes To Toyland Story (Part-1)

noddy goes to toyland

This is the Noddy Goes To Toyland Story. In the woods near Toyland, Big-Ears was furiously riding his little red bicycle. He suddenly crashed into someone. Down they fell and the bicycle landed on them with a loud crash! Read…

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