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short stories about brothers

The Good Brother

This is one of the most amazing short stories about brothers to read.Once upon a time, there lived three brothers in the castle. The Princes would love to explore new things and so all of them decided to set out in search of adventures. Both the

the tin soldier

The Tin Soldier

This is The Tin Soldier story which has been adapted from Hans Christian’s, “The Steadfast Tin Soldier”. Once upon a time, a little boy received a wonderful present. This present had a troop of twenty-five tin soldiers, red and blue in color and stood tall

three billy goats gruff

Three Billy Goats Gruff Story

This is Three Billy Goats Gruff Story. Once upon a time, there lived three billy goat brothers. Gruff they were called. These three brothers lived together on a green grassy hill. But soon enough, the three brothers had munched away all the grass on their

popular fairy tales

The Story Of A Blue Bird

This is one of the popular fairy tales for kids. A little bluebird was born in the nest of a big tree. He grew fast. “Why don’t you go and learn how to fly with your brother and sister? Don’t you wonder what is out

the magic paintbrush

The Magic Paintbrush

This is The Magic Paintbrush Story. Everyday Ho, a poor boy looked after a rich farmer’s cattle. He took hay to the field. The farmer did not pay him much. Ho had only dry bread to eat. One day, a very thin, old man came up

short fairy tales for kids

The Most Incredible Thing

This is one of the best short fairy tales for kids and has been adapted from the works of Hans Christian Andersen. Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, a contest was set up. And as a reward, the winner of the contest would

kids fairy tales

The Two Caskets

This is one of the amazing kids fairy tales. A long, long time ago, in a forest far from land, lived an old widow with her daughter and step-daughter. The step-daughter was left in the old widow’s care after her father had died. Unlike the

children's fairy tales

The Limping Fox

This is one of the awesome children’s fairy tales to read. Once upon a time, there lived a man with strange eyes. One of the man’s eyes was always smiling and the other always wept. The man had three sons, though the third son was awfully

fairy tale stories

The White Cat

This is one of the amazing fairy tale stories for kids. Once upon a time, a king had three sons, who were brave and capable. The king loved his sons. But, some of the courtiers told the king that his sons were eager to wear

the flying trunk story

The Flying Trunk Story

This is The Flying Trunk Story for kids to read and has been adapted from the works of Hans Christian Andersen. Long ago, a businessman left his only son a huge inheritance. The rich businessman’s son had all the money and all sorts of riches.