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Corona Days – A Poem For Positivity

This is an amazing poem for positivity online. As the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) grips the whole world, this poem is an effort to spread awareness amongst the younger ones. The poem aims at helping our little ones understand what COVID 19 is and everything that they need to learn about it. With this poem, we also want to spread the positive message of overcoming this pandemic disease at the earliest. Read on!

poem for positivity

poem for positivity

Corona Days – A Poem For Positivity

This is a story,
Or maybe a song
Not really short,
But not awfully long
It is meant for young readers,
Who are curious and keen
To know more of this virus,
Called the “COVID 19“.

I will try to explain,
Why our lives may have changed
And why our world,
Is acting so strange
And then I will guess,
When should the world,
Return to be normal.

So let’s start from the start,
The beginning of all
With a creature called “virus”,
Very tiny and small
Who infected a person,
While eating his dinner
Without even knowing,
He will be the beginner
Of a worldwide Pandemic.
(This is a Greek word,
and it just comes to describe,
When lots of people get sick)

So what is this virus,
You probably ask
And why should we all,
Start wearing a mask?
Well first you should know,
That it’s not something new
Viruses have been here,
Way before me and you.

With most we fight,
And no symptoms are seen
With some we do well,
By getting vaccines.

But once in a lifetime,
Knocks on our door
A tiny new virus,
That was not here before.
And it multiplies fast,
And it travels at ease
Within people’s saliva,
Or better – “a sneeze”.
And until a vaccine,
Is hereby created,
The government asks,
That we stay isolated
Wash our hands,
With soap and with gel,
While staying at home,
Protected and well.

But let me assure you,
Without fooling around
That not before long,
A vaccine will be found
And one day or one night,
Or soon before dawn
This tiny Corona,
Will mostly be gone.
And life will return,
To their normal routine
Before this pandemic,

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