Pot and Pan

This is an amazing kids funny story that of a Pot and Pan. Once upon a time, there was a pot that was round in shape and a pan that was flat in shape. They both were the best of friends.

One day, they had a competition to find out who was more funny yet strong amongst them. The pot said to the pan, “You are tough and strong but you are so black, no matter how much someone washes you, you will always stay black.” The pot made the fun of pan’s dark color.

kids funny story

kids funny story

On hearing this, the pan gets sad. The pan gives an awesome reply to him. The pan said to the pot, “Though I am black in color, I am so strong whether you hit me or I hit you, you are the one who will break.”

The pot was outwitted by the pan and he won the competition. The pot never made fun of the pan ever again. The round pot had learned a lesson! More Funny Short Stories here.

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Here is a visual depiction of this funny story, “Pot and Pan”. See the video story below,

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