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Ramu and the Mangoes

This is one of the awesome funny bedtime stories of  a rich man who used to live in a small town in Tamil Nadu. One day he brought two big, juicy mangoes. He gave them to his servant, Ramu and told him to cut them in slices and ordered him to make two cups of coffees. One of his friends was coming to meet him up. Ramu took both the mangoes to the kitchen and cut them with the knife. To make sure they were not sour, he put one piece in his mouth to taste it. “Ummmm…. it is so sweet. If I eat just just a piece more, the master will never know”, he thought to himself. He put one more piece and in few minutes, the plate was empty.

Ramu was scared that his master would beat him after knowing that he ate both the mangoes. Soon his master called him and ordered him to bring mangoes and two cups of coffee as his friend was reaching shortly. Now, poor Ramu thought that his master would throw him out from his job. Just then, he came up with an idea. He went to his master and said,”The knife is blunt. I can’t cut the mangoes with it.” The master shouted at him and ordered him to get the knife so that he could sharpen it. To took a large and blunt knife and gave it to his master. While, his master was busy in sharpening the knife, he quietly went out of the house.

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He saw his master’s friend was coming. He stopped his there and asked his friend, “Sir, Did you had a fight with my master?” He told the servant, yesterday when his master came home, he wore his slippers by mistake. He informed his friend that his master was very angry and he was waiting for him with a sharp knife in his hand to cut off his ears. His friend did not believe the servant and peeped inside from the window. He turned back and ran as fast as he could.

Ramu then ran to his master crying, “Master! your friend has taken both the mangoes and he there he was, running away!” The master saw his friend running. He ran after his friend with a big knife in his hand. The master could not catch him. The master gave up on running and came back home. He thanked Ramu for telling him the truth and saved him from a greedy man. He then bought more big and juicy mangoes and gave them to Ramu as his tip. They both ate the big, juicy mangoes happily.