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animal fables

The Frogs Who Desired A King

This is one of the best animal fables for kids. Once, there were frogs who lived together in a pond. They lived in peace with plenty of food. “Oh, I am bored! Is there anything fun to do?” asked one of the little frogs. “If

short fable story

The Cicada And The Fox

This is the short fable story for kids. Once upon a time, there lived many cicadas in the forest. Unfortunately, the numbers of cicadas were reducing every day. It was a mystery and none of them could find out where did all the cicadas gone.

kids stories with moral

The Sick Stag

This is one of the best kids stories with moral. Once upon a time, a group of stags lived in a forest. All of these stags got along well and were good friends. They went to graze grass together and did everything together. One day,

kids fables

The Fisherman And His Flute

This is one of the great kids fables for kids to read. Once upon a time, there lived a fisherman. Now this fisherman had a talent with music. He was extremely skilled with his flute. This man was extremely well-known. So, one day he decides

fables short stories with moral lesson

The Tyrant Wolf

This is one of the amazing Fables Short Stories With Moral Lesson for children. Once upon a time, there lived a little lamb. One day, the poor little lamb lost its way and was separated from his herd. After searching in vain for his herd,

aesop stories

The Ape And The Bee

This is one of the most amazing Aesop Stories for kids. Once upon a time, in a dense forest lived an ape. Now, this ape had a weakness for honey. The moment the ape had tasted honey for the first time, it had instantly become

fables with morals

The Hen And The Fox

This is one of the great fables with morals for toddlers. Once upon a time, there lived a hen on a farm. Now, all the others had gone back to their shelter, and only one hen remained. This hen went about pecking and eating grains.

fables stories

The Grateful Eagle

This is one of the awesome fables stories for kids. A farmer was working in the fields on a very hot summer day. He heard a flapping sound in the distance. “What could that sound be?” he wondered. The farmer stopped his work and went

aesop's fables stories

The Lion In Love

This is one of the Aesop’s fables stories about a lion who used to live in a jungle near a village. One day, he sees a very beautiful maiden. Immediately, he falls in love with her. He goes straight to the girl who is standing with her