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aesop's fables stories

The Lion In Love

This is one of the Aesop’s fables stories about a lion who used to live in a jungle near a village. One day, he sees a very beautiful maiden. Immediately, he falls in love with her. He goes straight to the girl who is standing with her

The Bees And The Beetles

This is one of the great aesop tales for kids to read. Once upon a time in a jungle full of various kinds of trees, lived many bees and beetles. At first, they were not too fond of each other. They hardly ever talked. But

the scorpion and the frog

The Scorpion And The Frog

This is a story of the scorpion and the frog for kids. Once upon a time, near a river lived a scorpion. The scorpion lived in a cave. One day the scorpion decides to leave his cave. “It is far too dark and dingy. I

short fables for kids

A Father And His Two Daughters

This is one of the awesome short fables for kids. Once upon a time, there lived a father with two daughters in a village. The elder daughter’s name was Elena and the younger daughter’s name was Selena. He loved his daughter very much and gave

dog in the manger

The Dog In The Manger Short Story

This is The Dog In The Manger Short Story for kids.It was a very hot and sunny afternoon. To get rid of the heat, the dog came inside the manger and laid on the pile of hay that was stuck inside. Soon, a hungry ox saw

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The Moon And Her Mother

This is one of the amazing fable stories for kids. High up in the sky, the moon always shone with brightly in the night sky. Of all the things in the sky, the moon always had been the prettiest of all. Night after night, the moon

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The Swallow and the Crow

This is one of the best short fables with morals for kids. Once upon a time, in a huge tree in a forest lived a beautiful swallow. Though the swallow was beautiful, it was extremely proud of its beauty. “Look at my beautiful feathers,” the

aesop's fables stories

Smelling Cat

This is one of the awesome aesop’s fables stories for children. Once there lived a bull in the jungle. It was in robust health with well-built muscles and sharp horns. It roamed about the forests fearlessly. His sight would make the mouth of the lion water. For

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The Ass And His Masters

This is a famous aseop online story to read for all the children.Once, in a village,  there lived an ass and his master. His master was a herb-seller. An ass, belonging to the herb-seller who used to gave him too little food and too much of