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The Foolish Fish

This is one of the best kids moral stories. Deep in the jungle, buried among the trees was a pond. In that pond, many fishes lived. They were very happy there, they swam all day and enjoyed. Since it was situated within the forest, nobody came to

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The Olive Tree And The Fig Tree

This is one of the good moral stories to read for kids. In a forest, there was an olive tree and a fig tree standing close together. The olive tree was very beautiful and he was very proud of his beauty. The olive tree had no

children stories with morals

The Poor Bunny’s Magical Presents

This is one of the awesome children stories with morals. Once upon a time, in a faraway land where many animals lived, a terrible drought took over all the fields and farmlands. All the plants had died and the fields had dried. The animals were

william tell story

Willam Tell Story

This is the short story of William Tell Story. Once upon a time, in a small village in Switzerland, lived William Tell. He was a fine archer. William could shoot an arrow better than everyone in his village. At that time the village was ruled

children stories with morals

The Story Of The Potter

This is one of the great children stories with morals. Once upon a time, a poor potter lived in a village. One night when he was returning home, he stumbled over a few pots and he cut his forehead. His wound took a long time to