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Crab, Swan And The Snake

This is the great story of birds and animals for children. Long ago, a crab lived in a lake near a forest. Crab’s best friend was a swan which was living near the lake, too. They were living happily in their places. Also, read The

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A Hen And Her Chicks

This is one of the great animal stories online for kids. A hen with her three chicks was living happily. Among the three, two chicks were good and would always be with their mother. The third chick was a naughty one. One day, when the mother

good animal stories

The Crows And The Oyster

This is one of the good animal stories for children. Long, long time ago, there lived two crows near a forest. One of them was honest and the other was very cunning. The cunning crow used to always trick the innocent crow. But the honest