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The Greedy Dog Story

This is one of the most amazing short moral stories for kids, The Greedy Dog Story. Once upon a time, there lived a stray dog. The dog used to roam here and there in search of food and water. One day he was very hungry and he was searching for food.

Luckily, he found a big, juicy bone and he held the bone tightly in his mouth so that no other dog could snatch it from him. Also, read The Hare And Tortoise Story.

greedy dog story

Greedy dog story

Image Source As he was crossing the stream, he looked into the water and saw another dog holding a bone in his mouth. He wanted the other bone also, so he barked at the dog. As he opened his mouth to bark, the bone fell into the water. He lost the bone.

It was not another dog in the water. It was his own reflection. The dog lost the bone because of greediness and had to go back home hungry. The greedy dog had learned a lesson.

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