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The Scorpion And The Frog

This is a story of the scorpion and the frog for kids. Once upon a time, near a river lived a scorpion. The scorpion lived in a cave. One day the scorpion decides to leave his cave. “It is far too dark and dingy. I can’t stay here anymore,” the scorpion thinks. “Let’s go look for a new house.”

So, the scorpion leaves its cave in search of new home. It looked everywhere, but could not find a suitable house. Soon, the scorpion came to the river. Now, the scorpion did not know how to swim. It stood by the river, thinking how to get across.

the scorpion and the frog

the scorpion and the frog

Image Source@ “There is no place to stay here,” it thought. “But how should I get to the other side?” The scorpion sat down near the river and began thinking. Some time later, the scorpion found a frog leaping around. It saw the frog coming towards itself. “Would you help me with something mister frog?” the scorpion asks the frog.

Now, the frog was suspicious of the scorpion. Yet it replied, “how can I help you, scorpion?” “Oh, you see, I have to go to the other side of this river,” the scorpion explains, ” Could you be kind enough to take me there?” “Why should I? I can’t trust you and your stings!” the frog exclaims. “But, mister frog, I can’t swim,” the scorpion tells the frog. “If I sting you, we both die in an instant!” Also, read Crane And Crab.

Then the frog says,”I see, you do have a point. Alright then, I’ll take you to the other side.” So, the scorpion hopped on the frog’s back and the frog jumped into the river. The frog began paddling as fast as it could. Suddenly, when they were half way through, the frog felt something sharp around its back. “What is that?” the frog asks the scorpion. Then, the frog realized that the scorpion had stung him!

“What did you do, stupid scorpion!” the frog exclaims as the dizziness starts to take over him.”Now both of us shall drown!” Without any regrets, the scorpion says, “What can I do? This is my nature.” “I should not have trusted this scorpion,” the frog thought as he drowned. Also, read Two Frogs In A Milk Pail.