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The Three Little Men In The Wood

This is one of the great classic fairy tales. Once upon a time lived a woman with her daughter. She married a man who had a daughter as well. She didn’t love her as much as her own daughter, though. She didn’t give her anything and made her do all the work.

One winter day, she sent her to the wood all by herself. She gave her a paper dress and a piece of old, hard bread. It was dark and cold and the girl was scared. So, when she saw a little house, she knocked the door. Three little men lived inside and let her in. She shared her food and helped them clean. They were thankful indeed and they gave her nice gifts. Eternal beauty, gold falling from her mouth and marriage to the king.

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When the stepmother heard about it, she wanted her daughter to have the same. She gave her warm clothes, lots of food and sent her off to the wood. She met the little men as well, and they let her in. But she didn’t want to share her food and she wouldn’t clean. They gifted her as well but the gifts were not the same. Less beauty, toads falling from her mouth and short, short life.

She went back and complained, the mother got angry indeed. In the meantime, the stepdaughter came and said she had just met the king. Soon enough, they got married and they had a little boy. The stepmother got so jealous that she pushed her through the window. She sent her daughter in her place, saying she had fallen sick. That’s why she was uglier and spit toads instead of gold.

But the girl didn’t die. She just turned into a swan. She came back to see her little boy and soon enough, her king as well. She told them what had happened, and he was very mad. He punished them for being spoiled and for being vain. The girl, her king and their boy were now a happy family. And every once in a while, they got visits from the three little men from the wood.

Here is a visual depiction of one of the classic fairy tales “The Three Little Men In The Wood Story”. See the video story below,

  Classic Fairy Tales Story Video